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Most websites are created to increase business, improve communications, or sell goods and services. But websites that sell complicated or expensive items typically need to give customers more explanation or information to close the sale. With phonemail your customers can quickly get hold of you by phone to get any information they need. To contact us by telephone faster than the normal response to an email please click on the animated telephone at the top of this page. THIS CALL WILL BE FREE. Or click here to see how one of our customers uses phonemail Click here for a FREE phone call

Who are we?
IT / Telecoms Consultants and Systems Integrators and phonemail suppliers from (London W1) and Cambridge Multimedia Communications, Cambridge Telenet, (Cambridge CB3).

We offer customised Design & Installation of Computer-Telephony Software for use with Telephone Systems for Call-Routing, Call Management, Interactive Voice Call-backs to browsers on the World Wide Web, Voice-Processing, Auto Attendants, Voice Mail, Unified Messaging, & Audio-Conferencing.

Our consultants offer systems requirements analysis, mathematical models, data structures and algorithms, customised user-friendly user-interfaces, and design of bespoke software including macros.

We specialise in Internet Initiated Telephony: supplying, customising & installing Voice Telephone Connections to Web-sites, which enable Businesses & Call-Centres to answer customers' requests to talk to them on the phone while the customers are browsing the business' web-site.

Optional enhancements include the facility to push selected web pages to people browsing on-line whilst talking to them on the telephone.

The Chief Executive is a former Oxford University Maths don who studied Computer Science at Cambridge in the late 1980's.

Software Design skills have ranged from tailormade relational database management information systems (since 1987), spreadsheet designs and customisation of accountancy packages.

Expertise includes applications programming in high and low-level languages, user-friendly human-computer user-interface-design, software customisation, installation and training, preparation of stand-alone presentations, training materials and web page and site design.

In recent years her expertise has expanded from voice-processing on a PC, working with digitised and synthesised speech and voice recognition (since 1990), to systems integration embracing voice telecoms and Computer-Telephony-Integration, relating to Unified Messaging (since 1995), Internet initiated / controlled telephony and phonemail (since 1999) in conjunction with and others.

She is qualified to install telephone systems, voice-processing and call management systems, including voice-mail, Interactive Voice Response and user-friendly Auto Attendant Design for efficient call routing.

In 1996-8 She passed exams not previously passed by a woman, set by international telecommunications manufacturers, on the customised installation of large corporate Voice-Mail & Auto Attendant Telephone Call-Routing Management Systems.

In 1997 she founded Cambridge Telenet Answering Service, which has been a web-enabled call-centre since the summer of 1999.

She offers consultancy to businesses wanting to set up a web-enabled call-centre, to manage telephone calls generated by visitors to the business' web-site, to help convert the browsers into satisfied customers, in order to capitalise on the business' investment in their web-site.

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FAQS: A phonemail call is initiated and controlled from the internet, but it is not connected using Voice Over IP, and neither you nor your customer need a sound card in your computer. It is an ordinary telephone call over the Public Switched Telephone Network. If your call cannot be connected e.g. because you are busy or unavailable, then an email is automatically sent to you.
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